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Dana Point - Harboring the Good Life by the Photographic Art Club - the 2011 Dana Point Photo Book

Dana Point - Harboring the Good Life
by the Photographic Art Club

In this project, the Photographic Art Club members attended many events in Dana Point throughout the year to capture the city and its people for this beautiful keepsake book. Photographic Art Club President Frank Ritenour states, "Thirty nine of our club photographers spent a year capturing the very essence of what makes Dana Point unique and using their creative talents for this book. We believe this is the perfect gift for those who love and care about Dana Point."

The book starts with a statement by Scott Schoeffel, the Mayor of Dana Point and continues with a tour through the city. The activities are presented as the many activities occurred throughout the year. What comes out of the Photographic Art Club's projects is a high-end photo art book that captures the essence of the place. By reading the book and looking at the pictures one will learn a lot about Dana Point and get an intimate sense of why it's called "Harboring the Good Life." The book was sponsored by a City of Dana Point Charitable Grant.

The hard cover book measures 8 by 10 inches. The books can be purchased by calling Frank Ritenour of the Photographic Art Club at 949-369-7871. It is the perfect holiday gift for your family and friends.

Photographic Art Club

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